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The following students are congratulated on their exceptional achievements in 2013. Well done!

  • Samantha Suen - A.Mus.A.
  • James Senanayake - A.Mus.A.
  • Nelson Hu - LTCL with distinction
  • Natalie Scalia - Amongst the top three to enter the Piano Performance Course at QCM
  • Caitlyn Marks - Selected into the top strings ensemble at St. Peters Lutheran College
  • Sasha Bakin - Awarded an A (Hons.) Gr.6 AMEB after studying piano for less than 3 years
  • Tara McMillan-Rice - Received High Dist. for AMEB Theory
  • Rachael Shiphard - Selected for the Advanced Performance Course at QCM

Congratulations to Rachael Shipard (16) for receiving a full scholarship to continue her music studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and choosing music as her career. Rachael will undertake advanced performance studies and hopes to have a successful performing career in the future. Rachael was also offered full scholarships from the music department at UQ and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music after her exceptional auditions at the end of last year, but has decided to continue her studies near her home and family.

Congratulations to Chai Jie Low (15) for gaining her L.Mus.A Diploma! Chai Jie began her musical tuition with Inna at the young age of 6 and we are all extremely proud of her and this wonderful achievement.

Congratulations to Natalie Scalia for becoming the Music Captain at Stuartholme High School. Natalie will be auditioning for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the UQ music department at the end of this year.

Congratulations to Caitlyn Marks for becoming the School Captain at Fig Tree Pocket school. Caitlyn also excels in her violin and theory studies at IKMS.

Congratulations to Sean Daniskevicius for receiving a Music Scholarship from Brisbane Boys College. Sean is 10 and is working on a Gr 7-8 piano repertoire, as well as learning violin.

Congratulations to James Senanayake for maintaining his high standard as a music scholar at Brisbane Boys College. James is currently working on an A.Mus.A program under Inna’s guidance and is an accomplished performer and composer on the Scottish pipes.

Congratulations to Hillary Bui for receiving a 100% mark on her 2012 theory of music exam.


2012 Brisbane and Ipswich Piano Eisteddfods

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2012 Brisbane and Ipswich Piano Eisteddfods. We are proud to report that our students scooped up the majority of piano awards offered by the respective Eisteddfod Societies this year, including the “Big Ones”! Wander over to the Awards page to see all the wonderful results!

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