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Inna Kogan’s Music School (IKMS) is one of the premier music education institutions in Queensland. Established in 1989, in Kenmore, Brisbane, IKMS has a long tradition of bringing up generations of fine young musicians. Some students of the school travel from as far as Ipswich or the Gold Coast for their lessons.

With its dedicated staff of exceptional music teachers, IKMS offers a wide range of instrumental lessons including piano, guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, flute, and more. It also offers vocal lessons and theory of music for any age and level, starting from as young as three years old through to mature age beginners and advanced students.


Another speciality is an accelerated learning method, developed over 30 years of dedicated research and experience by Mrs. Kogan, allowing above-average, gifted students to reach a very high level of playing by a young age. The school takes great pride in its achievements in this field with many talented young students winning competitions and reaching diploma levels by the age of 12.

Our Philosophy: Comments from the Principal, Inna Kogan

Inna Kogan’s Music School was established in 1989 to cater for a growing need, as I felt, for students taking private instrumental lessons to interact with others. Receiving my first music education at a music school where learning music meant frequent public performances, group theory lessons, ensembles, exams and student competitions, I felt that this was a more enjoyable and effective way for young children to learn music.