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Individual instrumental lessons are offered on all instruments taught at our school and are encouraged for all students ages 5 and over.

Following is the guideline for the duration of classes, based on the level of playing and not the ages. Please note, longer sessions are possible for suitable and willing students in no regards to their ages.


  • 30 min individual- beginners, up to grade 2 level
  • 45 min individual- intermediate, grades 2-6
  • 60 min individual- advanced, grades 7-8 and Diplomas.

Children younger than 5

20 min individual

Group Theory

Group Theory of Music lessons are offered and highly recommended for all students learning an instruments, ages 5 and higher.

Theory of music introduces basics of music making to young students.

It deepens their understanding of music making them understand and enjoy music more. During theory classes students work on their aural skills, learn harmony, various styles and periods of music and life and musical heritage of major composers.

Learning theory in a small class also has an important social effect, as children have a chance to meet and interact with their peers learning an instrument. Our theory of music program is fun and educational and our many students undertaking this subject look forward to their weekly classes.

Class sizes are 2-6 students, duration: 45 -60 minutes.