Diploma Recipients

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The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) awards the following diplomas to those candidates it deems to be exceptional musicians:

Associate in Music, Australia (A.Mus.A.) – a diploma awarded to outstanding candidates in the field of practical musical performance, musicianship and music theory. It is the second-highest non-honorary diploma awarded by the AMEB.

Licentiate in Music, Australia (L.Mus.A.) – a diploma awarded to candidates whose proficiency in their respective instrument demonstrates musicality, confidence and technical mastery in such a way that a near-professional standard has been reached. It is the highest non-honorary diploma awarded by the AMEB.

A similar level diploma is the Licentiate of Trinity College of London (LTCL) awarded by the Trinity College of London.
A diploma may also be awarded with “Distinction” when the candidate exceeds the requirements to gain the diploma.
The following students of Inna Kogan’s Music School have successfully obtained diplomas – and we applaud them all!

Benjamin Li – A.Mus.A

Amy Doan – A.Mus.A
Monique Evans – A.Mus.A

Sean Daniskevicius – A.Mus.A

Lilian Jiang – A.Mus.A

Sarah Shipard – C.P.A. “A” (hon.)

Samantha Suen – A.Mus.A.
Nelson Hu – LTCL (Distinction)
James Senanayake – A.Mus.A.
Nelson Hu – L.Mus.A.

Chai Jie Low – L.Mus.A.

Justin Kwong – A.Mus.A. (Distinction)

Sabina Bialkowski – L.Mus.A.
Chai Jie Low – A.Mus.A. (Distinction)
Natalie Scalia – A.Mus.A. (Distinction)
Rachael Shipard – L.Mus.A.

Rachael Shipard – A.Mus.A.

Sabina Bialkowski – A.Mus.A.

Anthony Sananayake – A.Mus.A.
Paul Hunting – A.Mus.A.
Matthew Vasiliev – A.Mus.A.
Agatha Bialkowski – A.Mus.A.

Sadini Handunnetti – A.Mus.A.

Diane Tran – A.Mus.A.
Bridgitte Au – A.Mus.A.

Emily Doan – A.Mus.A.

Shirley Kuo – A.Mus.A.

Simon Chun – A.Mus.A
William Chun – A.Mus.A

David Hearnden – A.Mus.A.

Jenny Hearnden – A.Mus.A.