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“My two boys started to learn music at IKMS two years ago. They progressed very quickly not only in their music skills but also in the understanding of diverse music styles. The teachers there are all talented, experienced and fun, so my kids were looking forward to each lesson. They also gave the kids thorough preparations so my kids achieved many successes in the exams. My eldest (now 9), while learning piano with Inna, in two years progressed from grade 2 to grade 7, receiving “A” for both exams he took . This year he also sat for grade 3 theory with Daniel and grade 7 drums AMEB exams with Jason, receiving “A” for them as well. And my youngest (6), was about to start his exams, currently working on grade 2 level with Ben. The opportunity to perform at regular school concerts and to play duets with other kids makes learning more enjoyable and rewarding.

We really appreciate the efforts of Inna, as his piano teacher and as a Principal and a leader of this great school, and of Jason, Ben and Daniel putting into teaching our kids, and deeply worried about whether we can find great teachers as they are after leaving Brisbane.

Hannah G

Parent of two students

“If you want to know anything about piano,  Inna knows everything! She tells you all about the music. If you could learn from her, you are so lucky, because your music life gets successful already.

She gave my daughter tailor made lessons and she always chose perfect pieces at the right time. My daughter Yumi developed her skills so fast! With every lesson came great improvement.  It was like magic! I am so sad that we have to leave Australia. We will miss her a lot…We really appreciate all the time that Inna taught Yumi with her passion and kindness. She is the best!” 


Parent of two students

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Inna Kogan’s Music School in general and to Inna especially for an excellent job teaching our three kids classical piano. Our appreciation is,undoubtedly, in line with that of many of our friends whose children have been very well taught by Inna and her team over a period of over 15 years!

Inna’s teaching enriched them with solid foundation in music and we always admired Inna’s honest assessment of their ability and her hard work to help them achieve their goals. We have fond memories of our time at Inna Kogan Music School over the years: lessons, concerts, competitions, end of year presentation nights and many conversations. We know who to turn to when we seek for  one of the best piano teachers in Australia, because we know how passionate she is about passing her talented piano skills to future generations and her dedication to help students to achieve their full potentials.

Thank you Mrs Kogan for being a great teacher!

T & H D

IKMS Parents

“Joanna joined Inna’s school in 2013, and enjoyed the opportunities presented to play in concerts for other members of the school, for the public and in competitions. This exposure helped build her confidence, and together with exceptional teaching and lots of practice Joanna managed to gain ‘A’ at every AMEB exam right through to grade 8, in both pianoforte and theory. Piano has also provided a tremendous foundation for Joanna’s music development, and has given her the theory and the discipline to continue to progress in other instruments and bands.”

Suzanne M

IKMS Parent

“Inna is a great piano teacher! She is very professional and has vast musical knowledge and experience.
She was always friendly, patient and fair with my son.
While learning at IKMS my son successfully passed Grade 8 AMEB piano exam, receiving a high mark.
I do highly recommend Inna Kogan’s Music school!!”

Jenny W

IKMS Graduate Parent

“I have been with Inna Kogan for a majority of my musical journey since I started having lessons from her in 2006 and all the way until my entering QLD Conservatorium of Music in 2019. I am happy to say that she is a wonderful and amazing piano teacher. I’ve seen how much she cares about each and every one of her students and how talented she is with expanding their knowledge and understanding of music. Under Inna’s guidance I have received an “A” for Gr 8 piano and successfully completed an A.Mus.A Diploma of Performance. In my final year of studies with Inna she helped me to learn and perform the entire Grieg Piano Concerto, which was a huge project and the highlight of my final year studies with her. I am eternally grateful for all the great suggestions and ideas she had to help improve my playing over the years when I was with her. It has been a great pleasure for me to have her as my mentor who has helped guide me through difficult times and help developed a diverse amount of skill and styles of playing. I not sure how far I could have reached without her involvement in my life, I am extremely thankful for everything she has done for me.”

Sean D (A.Mus.A)

IKMS Graduate

“Our twin girls were students at Inna Kogan’s Music School from 2016 to early 2018, in that time completing Grades 7 and 8 AMEB piano exams. Inna was their teacher for the whole time. She is a wonderful teacher; understanding, persistent, inspiring, and importantly ensures that students start with the right foundation and fundamentals. The girls are very proud of their achievements and attribute this to Inna’s insistence on hard work and practice. The School encourages family involvement and has regular School concerts for the students to play and show their skills to family and friends. This is an important step in building confidence for playing in public. If you are looking for musical tuition, we highly recommend Inna Kogan’s Music School. You will not be disappointed.”

Bill and Lisa

IKMS Parents

“In my four years with Inna Kogan, she has not only supported me to complete my exams, but has also given me the opportunity to perform and compete in Eisteddfods. As piano was not my main instrument, her teaching and guidance developed my confidence to play piano. Not only has she skilfully taught me piano technique, she has exposed me to different genres of music, and taught me to musically interpret pieces, adding contrast to my performances. Since learning with Inna, I have developed deep passion for piano and am able to sight read accompaniments – a goal that I did not think I could achieve.”

Ella N (16)

IKMS Student

“Inna Kogan’s Music School is a very fun way to learn music. I was a piano student taught by Inna Kogan herself. She was informative, helpful and always encouraging for me to do my best. Under Inna’s tuition I have completed Grade 8 AMEB with an “A” when I was 12. During my time there I also had the opportunity to meet the other staff members and they were always very helpful. I would highly recommend the school to any music learner. Inna Kogan’s Music School WILL boost you up to success!”

Lachlan C (15)

IKMS Graduate

“My daughter had the great privilege of being taught piano by Inna for 12 years, from 6 to 18 years old. It is hard to do justice to Inna and her school in this short testimonial. My daughter had the benefit of Inna’s many years of experience, skill and passion. Over the years Inna has taught many children and helped them to reach their goals. She helped my daughter reach hers and to achieve an A.Mus in piano. My daughter was also Music Captain at Stuartholme (and she was not the first one to be taught by Inna). But it was more than this. Inna is a lovely person. My daughter enjoyed her time, and had a lot of fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Inna. 

Mark E

IKMS Parent

“Inna Kogan is an amazingly gifted piano teacher and music school principal. I had the pleasure of being one of her students for almost 14 years. Her understanding of student learning and progress, and sensitivity towards children and their perspective was key to my success as a pianist through the years of my performance and examinations. I enjoyed very much the bond that we formed as student and teacher. Inna played an important role as I matured into a young adult, being of a model attitude and caring teacher. My ability as a pianist is entirely due to her exceptional standard as a teacher and role model and I can’t imagine my life without her involvement.”


– Paul H (A.Mus.A)

“Inna Kogan is a talented and motivational teacher who inspires her students to achieve their full potential. She has provided me with endless encouragement and support during the 10+ years I was under her tuition. Not only does Inna develop her students to master technically difficult and demanding pieces, but more importantly she fosters a deep understanding of the fundamentals of music including interpretation, lyricism, musicality and emotion. I always felt prepared and confident for any performance due to the thorough preparation Inna placed in lessons and in-school recitals which allowed me to accomplish many successes in competitions and examinations over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at IKMS. I have a skill I will enjoy and use for life, and for this I am very grateful. Thank-you Inna Kogan!”


– Sabina B (L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A)

“Looking back on my years studying piano under Inna Kogan, I think I can safely say it was one of my best decisions I have ever made. A truly talented, passionate and dedicated teacher, Mrs Kogan not only guided me from grade 3 to my associate diploma in piano, she taught me to appreciate music as not simply a collection notes needed to be played with impeccable technique, but also a means of emotionally connecting with the composer’s mentality. Indeed, in my seven or so years taking lessons from her, I believe that I have gained a sense of musical maturity that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned from any other teacher. More importantly however, I think Mrs Kogan’s style of teaching creates a supportive environment that encourages students to excel and reach their full musical potential. I would whole heartedly recommend Mrs Kogan to anyone seeking to learn piano from a truly inspirational teacher and musician.”


– Justin K (A.Mus.A.Distinction)

“I was a student at the Inna Kogan Music School during the mid to late 90’s, between the ages of 13 to 17.  Mrs Kogan was my piano teacher and she is an inspiration to all of her students and the wider school community – her individually tailored approach to teaching instilled a great love of music in me. 

The Inna Kogan Music School is a wonderful family environment where everyone is encouraged to have fun! The regular school concerts are fantastic at developing one’s confidence in public performances, so much so that Mrs Kogan somehow convinced me to perform once at the Queensland Art Gallery! Mrs Kogan and all of the teaching staff will inspire you and your family to love all things musical.”


– Wills C (A.Mus.A)

“We have attended Inna Kogan’s piano lessons since 2011 and are proud to say that she is the best teacher we’ve ever had. We are from the Gold Coast and we take the long trip back and forth each week to hear her valuable suggestions and help. With each week, our knowledge grew and her teaching had immediate effect on our performances at competitions. We progressed up the grades quickly and won numerous competitions including the MTAQ Queensland Piano Competition many times. Under her guidance and vast knowledge of music, we have developed a greater sense of musicianship and widened our musical taste. It is a delight to have her as our mentor. Inna Kogan’s teaching is supportive and is always on point and this is why we would suggest her without hesitation for anyone who desires to learn music.


– Nelson H (L.Mus.A, LTCL Dist.) and Lilian J (A.Mus.A)

“I am very privileged to have studied with Inna Kogan for seven years, from 2006 to 2012, from whom I learnt much and improved upon my existing pianistic techniques. I am now entering my final year of a Bachelor of Music (Advanced Performance) at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, studying with Natasha Vlassenko. I came to Inna when I was doing about Grade 6 level AMEB, and swiftly progressed through to completing both my diplomas by the age of 14. We moved through a vast amount of repertoire, ranging from Bach Preludes and Fugues to Beethoven sonatas, Chopin and Liszt etudes, and the varying 20thcentury tastes of Ravel, Bartok and Percy Grainger. This diverse selection really helped me to develop my skills in a well-rounded environment, surrounded by the different styles and colours that each composer’s music demands. Not only was Inna my piano teacher, she was also (and continues to be) an intuitive and understanding mentor to me, guiding me through difficult times and helping with crucial life decisions. I am extremely grateful for all of the knowledge that she has imparted to me, and always refer back to her own “adages” as I further my studies in music.”


– Rachael S, (L.Mus.A; A.Mus.A)

“Inna has a very gentle manner of teaching, meaning; she has never raised her voice, shown disappointment or frustration with my daughter. Inna listens and considers the opinions of the parents and looks for new ways to nurture and inspire her pupils. Under Inna’s tutoring my child achieved tremendous success. She has been awarded trophies, certificates and 1st places at the Ipswich and Brisbane Eisteddfod Piano Competitions. 

Recently Breseya passed a Grade 5 piano exam, at the age of 10 years, with an A grade. The examiner’s notes and feedback confirmed that Inna is a gem! I wouldn’t trust anyone else but her if I were serious about my child learning to play an instrument properly.”


– Roumiana C

“I have always felt that I was very fortunate to have learnt music from Inna Kogan and several other teachers at her music school. I studied piano under Inna from the age of 11 until I graduated from high school. Throughout these 8 years my love of music grew exponentially due to Inna’s dedication and kindness. She always encouraged me to challenge myself and allowed me to foster my own musical ideas which I believe this was fundamental to my growth as a musician. As a current student at the Queensland Conservatorium, I can wholeheartedly say that Inna Kogan and her dedicated group of teachers provided me with skills and a passion for music which will continue to aid me throughout my music career and life.”


– Natalie S (A.Mus.A, QLD Con – 2nd year, Piano Performance)

“My daughter was one of Innas’ students when she first came to Australia. We felt so fortunate to have such a talented teacher. She had a wonderful rapport with her students and though Tara didn’t become a musician I believe that her musical education contributed to her success as a maths teacher. I love to follow Innas students on Facebook and hopefully she will be teaching my grandchildren soon.”


– Rosemary S

“My daughter Laryssa, started piano lessons at Inna Kogan’s Music School in 2009. Since then she has undergone three AMEB piano exams with excellent results. She has also been a violin student for the last 18 months. This has led to successfully attaining a position at Honours Camp and an invitation to join the Corinda Youth Orchestra. My son Andrew, started guitar lessons just over a year ago, he is enjoying it immensely. 

There are regular school concerts each term giving students of all levels an opportunity to perform. 

After nearly seven years with the school I can highly recommend it. The teachers are dedicated, professional and passionate about music and attaining excellent results in an enjoyable style.”


– Lisa B

“I attended Inna Kogan’s Music School as a piano and theory student from 1995 aged 8, until 2005 aged 19 and then as a piano and saxophone teacher for a further 3 years. We first heard about Inna after she adjudicated a competition and, after hearing her comments, my father was straight on the phone to the school to enroll. I enjoyed lessons as, being a slight perfectionist, I looked forward to improving my playing and progressing towards my exams. As a student, this taught me valuable life lessons about practice and persistence. In 2005, I achieved my AMusA on piano and this was largely thanks to Inna and the nurturing and supportive atmosphere at IKMS.”


– Matthew V (A.Mus.A)

I feel very fortunate to be Inna Kogan’s student for the past 5 years. Over the years, her gentle, dedicated manner and patience has encouraged me to continually strive to become better, allowing my piano techniques to improve dramatically. Through her teaching, my passion for music, especially piano, has grown. During my last year of piano study under Mrs Kogan, I feel very unwilling to leave her. I got accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium all thanks to her effort. Her teaching has laid a very solid foundation for me to start a new page in my challenging music journey.”


– Samantha S (A.Mus.A)